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ps5. playstation 5 console

PlayStation 5 or also known by its abbreviation PS5, is the new video game console from the SONY company. Here you have all the information, updated… In one place.

PlayStation 5 release date

When Ps5 come out? The PS5 will launch on November 12th.

Ps5 price

Standard PS5

PS5 Digital Edition:

PS5 design

The appearance of the console was revealed on June 11, 2020, in the presentation of the video games for PS5.

This is the new design and appearance of the PlayStation 5 products, the colors white, black and blue have been representative in the design of the brand and its products (especially on PlayStation 4) but now, the white color has a greater relevance.

PlayStation 5 will come out in two versions, a PS5 with a disc drive and another fully digital, without a disc reader where only video games can be downloaded to PlayStation 5.

Ps5 specs

These are the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5.



System memory


PS5 game disc

Video output


PS5 features

The ultra-high speed SSD storage unit and the integrated custom input and output system were developed to eliminate response time in video games, with this feature developers will be able to create games with larger and “richer” maps in terms of the diversity of objects on the map.

The customized GPU will allow to have “wider” video resolutions, and a stable image speed of Hz. One of the main characteristics is the “Ray Tracing”, this characteristic simulates the displacement of light as it would in real life, and the way in which light is reflected or bounces off the different surfaces of the videogame environment, giving greater realism.

“Tempest” 3D AudioTech, is the immersive audio system which will use the new video game console, with this feature all users who have stereo speakers will be able to enjoy surround audio, this new audio engine offers a better sense of presence and location providing more real audio. The system could be compared to the 360º audio of some players or music services, as well as the headphones and 3D audio characteristics of some current video games, in March presentation it was shown that, although the “Tempest” 3D AudioTech system is in development and there is still much to improve it will provide greater precision and sound sensation than current consoles and devices. In the console we will have preset audio options that will depend on our sound system and environment, but, over time, we will be able to take and send a capture of our ears or the silhouette of our head for a much more personalized audio, something that can be currently done with some SONY headphones.

Ps5 controller

The PS5 controller in addition to a new design receives a new name, now called DualSense, this new controller goes from its traditional base of a single color, to two color tones, the blue light bar goes to the extremes on the touch pad. Other characteristics are described below:

Haptic feedback

The new vibration system of the DualSense produces different types of sensations when playing, for example, you can feel the variations of the terrain in car racing games.

Adaptive triggers

DualSense L2 and R2 triggers can be programmed by developers to have different types of resistance when pressed.

Create button

The “Create” button in DualSense provides functions to be able to save or share the content of the gameplay, photos, video clips and video game streaming, although, they assure that there are more functions to be confirmed.


The DualSense has a built-in microphone with which players can easily talk to other game partners.

PS5 backwards compatibility

The backwards compatibility of PlayStation 5 will be limited. The console will be able to run PS4 video games natively and the titles of PS1, PS2 and PS3 can be played in their digital version or through PlayStation Now, the current video game streaming service.

PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility

At the presentation on March 18 it was shown that integrating dedicated chips from previous consoles in the new PS5 would considerably increase the price of it, the decision they made was that the only physical games that would work on the new PlayStation 5 would be those of PS4, but, with a limitation.

On the PS5 release date, only 100 of the 4000 video games published on PS4 will be playable, because only 100 of the best PS4 video games have been adapted to PS5, and these games have to be tested one by one, limiting the catalog of retro-compatible games (at least on the release date).

The name of the video game backward compatibility systems are called “Pro Legacy Mode” and “Legacy Mode” these are nothing more than designations of the performance of the PS4 game that is running on a PS5.

Until now, if we want to play titles from previous consoles, we can do so through the subscription service of PlayStation Now, a streaming video game service, but the number of titles in this service is also limited.

PS5 Teardown

An up-close and personal look at the console hardware. Your first look at PS5’s internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.

These are all the news and features mentioned so far about PlayStation 5.